Energy Information Management System (EIMS)


Energy Managers typically have to wait to receive their utility bill at the end of the month in order to analyze consumption. By the time the bill arrives, it’s
too late to do anything about it. Aside from monthly aggregate energy consumption and costs, decision makers do not have the granularization of data that is necessary to make key decisions.

At Intellimeter we service:

  • Real time data to key decision makers so decisions can be made without waiting for the utility bill to arrive
  • Design an energy monitoring system that best meets the needs of your business
  • Provide assistance with your installation team and verify the system is operational
  • Flexible plans to meet your evolving needs
  • Our commitment carries further to continue to provide your management team with energy information that makes sense.

Intellimeter provides the intelligence to manage your energy costs.

Our EIMS software provides...

  • Customized Dashboards in Real Time
  • Cost effective, user-friendly format
  • Provide information at a glance on your computer, mobile device, via SMS’s your choice!
  • Breakdown customizable per production line, geographic location, operations vs. production, budget vs. actual, etc.

AIMS vs EIMS Comparison

Meter Readings (CSV output)
Data Downloads
Data Storage in Data Collection Unit (DCU)
Cumulative Energy Graph
Advanced Dashboard - Graphics
Page dedicated to Volts, Amps, Power Factor, Frequency
Page dedicated to Demand and time of use charts
Page dedicated to Virtual meters and Meter Comparison
Page dedicated to Total Harmonic Distortion

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