BTU Meters

The ultrasonic compact energy meter can be used for measuring the energy consumption in heating/cooling applications. Please note that Measurement Canada does not approve BTU meters for billing.


  • Internal high capacity 3.6V lithium battery
  • Can be mounted on supply pipeline or on return pipeline, and can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical direction.
  • Compatible with CJ188, EN1434 (GB/T26831) protocols
  • Having optical interface, RS485 or M-Bus interface
  • Compatible witrh NOWA protocol 
  • MID certification approval
 Pipe Diameter Flow Rate Temperature
15mm (1/2") 0.6m3/hr 4-95°C
20mm (3/4") 1.5m3/hr 4-95°C
25mm (1") 3.5m3/hr 4-95°C
32mm (1 1/4") 6m3/hr 4-95°C
40mm (1 1/2") 10m3/hr 4-95°C
50mm (2") (Flanged) 15m3/hr 4-95°C


Lead Time: 4-8 weeks (Backordered)

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