VESTA Test Boards

VESTA Changes Meter Testing

VESTA’s design is revolutionary! It uses a combination of pulses, volts & amps from a true three phase standard to achieve the most accurate test results at high speeds.

The touch screen, the open design software with an API provided to customers and internal speed provide the flexibility for accurate fast tests.

The jaws are motor driven and very quiet; and all the timers used for settling with electronic meters are variable to minimize testing time.

The system is easy to navigate from screen to screen. When scanning the meter’s barcode, all testing parameters and meter information are displayed on the screen, including the meters wiring diagram.

The VESTA board also allows customers to test internal disconnect switches. This operation can be performed on all manufacturer’s meters and is a valuable tool for all utilities utilizing AMI meters.

The internal Vision 3 Phase Standard is tested and certified against Vision’s Radian 703A. It provides real time voltage and current to the processor and is accurate to.025%. It can be calibrated with an external standard or removed and tested against a Radian 703A.

Meets Measurement Canada Criteria EL-ENG-12-01


  • True 3 Phase 100 Amp Test System with Internal 3 Phase Standard
  • Accuracy+/- 0.025% from .01 to 100 Amps @ Unity and all phase angles
  • Voltage and Current accuracy is 0.1% true RMS
  • Test voltages from 5 to 600 volts
  • Power Factor Angle test from 0 – 359.9
  • Ability to test internal disconnect switches
  • Dimensions: 31” L X 19” D X 19” High, 150 lbs.
  • 100 to 250 VAC operation 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum of 450 VA load
  • Meets Measurement Canada Criteria EL-ENG-12-01
  • Ask us to certify it with Measurement Canada


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