Old - Our Company's History

Intellimeter emerged in 1991 under the direction of Warren Beacom—a man who believed passionately in innovation, determination and development. Beacom cemented these as the core principles of the company, which helped him to build a strong team of engineers who appreciated his forward-thinking approach to business.

As the company grew, it developed a reputation for not only creating ambitious new technologies in the energy sector, but also for evolving these technologies to be smaller, faster and more efficient for its customers.

Today, Beacom’s core principles remain strongly rooted in Intellimeter’s culture, and it’s our innovative forethought, in addition to our meticulous attention to detail, that continues to set us apart. These fundamentals have served us as we’ve grown in size and reach—seizing opportunities throughout Canada, the USA and global markets—and they continue to give us momentum into the future as we provide our customers with the most accurate integrated sub-metering technology available.

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