Old - i-meter® – Equipping the Next Generation

The i-meter® truly represents the evolution of our ideals and is the culmination of all we’ve been working towards over the past generation. That is, developing a low-cost submeter for a range of applications and a cross section of clients.

Specifically, we’ve designed the i-meter® for property owners or managers who need equipment that allows them to monitor and improve electrical energy consumption in multi-unit environments. Up until this point, this target market has been thoroughly under-served or has had to resort to complex, expensive systems.

In a word, i-meter® simplifies. It is straightforward to install and trouble-free to use while offering the precision, safety, and reliability you demand. One of the most profound innovations that the i-meter® presents is the integration of components that our competitors continue to offer as separate items. For users, the benefits are obvious: it’s an economical, revenue-grade unit that’s ready to install. As for distributors, the advantages are found in reduced inventory storage, carrying costs, as well as fewer part numbers to manage.

[For more technical data sheets on our range of i-meters®, please click here.]

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