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At Intellimeter, we provide three types of software to work along with your metering systems: Automated Information Management System (AIMS), Energy Information Management System (EIMS), and a Billing software for your metering needs.

i-Meter Data

i-Meter Data

Your Data Your Way

  • Understand what is driving your energy consumption
  • Know what you could do to use less energy in your operations and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Avoid costly and ineffective upgrades that promise great savings
  • Validate and track expected savings
  • Enhance and schedule preventative maintenance
  • Avoid costly unscheduled work stoppages
  • Predict outcomes of inefficient energy use for specific equipment and production
  • Improve your bottom line
Energy Monitoring Options


I-Meter Data


I-Meter Energy



I-Meter Billing

Meter Readings (CSV output)
Data Downloads
Data Storage in Data Collection Unit (DCU)
Data Storage in Data Collection Unit (DCU)
Cumulative Enegy Graph
Cumulative Use Water, Gas or BTU Graph
Advanced Dashboard - Graphics
Page Dedicated to Demand & Time of use Charts
Page Dedicated to Virtual Meters and Meter Comparison
Generate Invoices
Generate Statements
Dashboard on Electrical Parameters V, I, PF, Hz or THD




Fieldserver - Dashboard
Fieldserver - Device View
Fieldserver - System View
Fieldserver - Single Gauge Dashboard
LTW - Overview - Billing Panel
LTW - Consumption Chart
LTW - Billing Statement

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