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Canada Markets Served
US Markets Served

Air Canada Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Overview: Entertainment complex with office tower and food concessions throughout
Problem: Energy monitoring and vendor billing capabilities
Solution: Legacy Intellimeter 1 Power Line Technology
Benefits: Metering solution provided for water, gas, electric, and BTU (heating/cooling loads) using power line carrier technology. Tenant billing and billing management service capabilities
Engineer: Mulvey and Banani
Property Management: Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University, Sky Song Center - Scottsdale, AZ

Overview: University laboratory center with individual tenants
Problem: Measure individual l tenant loads
Solution: M series meters
Benefits: Tenant billing
Partner: Siemens USA

Berkeley - University of California

San Francisco, CA

Overview: Forensics center and data center at Berkeley lab
Problem: monitor individual loads for different sections of the forensics center; Lab: monitoring of power consumption for cooling
Solution: System designed to monitor consumption and independent system designed to monitor power consumption for cooling of lab
Benefits: Created two separate solutions
Partner: Siemens USA

Casino Niagara

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Overview: Casino Operations with various operations and vendors throughout the building
Problem: Required the ability to bill independent vendors and better manage and monitor operations.
Solution: i-meter™ 636
Benefits: Now has the ability for Certified vendor billing options. Has the ability for
monitoring energy usage of key operations for energy management.

Casino Rama

Rama, Ontario

Overview: Casino with independent vendors located on premise
Problem: Require key operation energy management and the ability to meter vendors. Wish to receive LEED certification.
Solution: TX2005
Benefits: Received LEED points from installation. Able to bill vendors accurately and manage energy for key operations of the casino.


Seattle, WA

Overview: Bank branch with retail outlets within building
Problem: Revenue metering for retail tenants
Solution: M3 Series
Benefits: Able to provide energy costs for billing
Partner: Siemens Industries

Ivanhoé Cambridge

Vaughan Mills Mall
Vaughan, Ontario

Overview: Shopping mall
Problem: Requires tenant billing
Solution: M3 Series
Benefits: Energy cost allocation and tenant billing
Property Management: Ivanhoe Cambridge


Richmond Adelaide Centre

Overview: Commercial office and retail tower
Problem: Requires commercial tenant metering for the office and retail space;600 V delta and 120/208V power distribution
Solution: i-meter™636 modules with data loggers and MODBUS for dual revenue class tenant metering and advanced energy monitoring
Benefits: Able to monitor desired energy consumption and billing tenants according to energy consumption
Engineer: Mulvey and Banani
Property Management: Oxford Properties Group

University of Toronto

Scarborough Campus – Toronto

Overview: Retrofit residence townhouse style building.
Problem: Metering for energy conservation and management.
Solution: Socket based meters (Intella series meters) with RF technology with central collection and processing.
Benefits: Ability to measure the effect of the retrofit hot water tanks, lighting, and
window film conservation efforts.

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