Current Transformers (CTs)

For the Amperage Points/CTs, the amount of CTs needed for every meter point will vary by the voltage system selected.
  • 120V_1ø2 wire voltage systems require 1 CT per meter point (1:1).
  • 120/240V_1ø3 wire and 120/208V_2ø3 wire votlage systems require 2 CTs per meter point (1:2).
  • 120/208V_3ø4 wire, 240/416V_3ø4 wire, 277/480V_3ø4 wire, 347/600V_3ø4 wire, 208V_3ø3 wire, 416V_3ø3 wire, 480V_3ø3wire and 600V_3ø3 wire voltage systems require 3 CTs per meter point (1:3).

Lead Time: 1 week; 1-4 weeks (backordered).

CT option

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